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How do I unblock a PDF file?

To unprotect the file in PDF format, load it into a special block, and in a second you will receive an unlocked document available for download.

Guarantee of success in most cases

Almost all PDF files protected by standard encryption are unlockable. A complex code can be removed only by entering the correct password.

The easiest way to remove PDF protection!

Our application is available to anyone who has basic computer skills. You do not need to be a programmer to remove the password from PDF for a couple of clicks.

Cross-platform access

The Smallpdf application works with any devices and operating systems. It only requires a browser.

Secure storage

All files uploaded to the cloud will be automatically uninstalled 60 minutes after the end of the user session.

Deactivate protection in the cloud

Now you do not need to download, install and configure third-party PDF programs for a long time. The application works in the cloud, and your computer only opens the browser.
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