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What is PDF format?

PDF is a universal electronic format developed by Adobe Systems. The key purpose is to display the printing in electronic form. Can contain text, images, links, watermarks.

Than to open a PDF file?

The main utility for PDF files is the Adobe Reader. The list of third-party software includes such readers as Foxit, Cool PDF, STDU, etc. In addition, such files can be displayed in most browsers.

How to read a PDF file?

To read the PDF format, you need software such as Adobe Reader or a browser with support for opening PDF (Google Chrome, Yandex or Mozilla).

What if PDF is not printed?

Perhaps the fact is that the file is protected by the author from printing. You can remove protection by using special software or in the settings of the Adobe Reader program, the "Protection" section.

What if the PDF does not open?

The reason may be in the absence of suitable software for reading the file. Also, the document may be damaged or password protected. For reading, you need to download Adobe Reader, and to remove the protection with the help of special software.

What are the PDF programs?

The list of utilities for PDF is huge. The most popular PDF readers for devices on Windows are Adobe, Foxit and Nitro, Sumatra and STDU.